How to choose the right soundproof curtains

–°urtains for noise reduction

Nowadays, it's easier to buy the wrong curtains that have little or no impact, since most brands are abusing the term now, apparently it's good for marketing and as a result more profit for companies. Choosing the right noise curtains is crucial to dampen the house from noise. Even cheap noise-suppressing curtains serve their purpose Share Even cheap noise-suppressing curtains serve their purpose and provide good noise protection. I've put together a quick buyer's guide to help you buy. Total size of the curtain. Normally you would buy curtains that match the exact size of your windows, but if you're before you buy, it's extremely important to buy one that's at least 2-3 times wider than your window and at least 20cm longer than your window. The overall size of the curtain affects how much sound can be absorbed. The bigger the curtain, the better. Larger curtains will help cover the entire area of your window. The fabric used on the curtain is directly related to how much sound is absorbed. Some materials are dramatically better than others and choosing the right fabric is a critical step, fortunately I have completed the task for you in choosing the right material. The golden rule when choosing the right fabric is: the more fibers are contained, the better. So if you choose a noise-reducing curtain, I would recommend you choose Velvet, Sued of Vinyl. Buying a curtain, which is called either termalayer or isolated, is also beneficial. Weight A general rule of thumb is that the heavier the noise protection curtain, the better. When buying, pay attention to denser and heavier materials, as they contain many fibers that make it easier to absorb noise. Light curtains will do you no good. It's important that the curtain you buy is heavy. If the outside noise is still loud, try doubling or quadrupleyourd your curtain layers.


Display Make sure the curtain is heavy Share Make sure the curtain is heavy Wash Some curtains are not washable, this can be a disadvantage in the long run because they get dirty over time and that will shade the true beauty of them, fortunately there are some that are marked as washable and the price is the same. You already have enough problems with the outside noise you're trying to dampen, so you probably don't want to add dirty, stained curtains to the list. You should make sure that the curtains you buy are suitable for washing machines and not easily pollute. Display Cornices When buying curtain poles, it is best to find curtain poles that can do the following two things. Should be able to hold the weight comfortably. Should help to supplement the curtains with more soundproofing by supporting the overall noise cancellation of the curtains. If you want a solid noise reduction, you should use the double rods, which are great to hold back the heavyweight and give you the ability to add a double layer of curtains that also reduce external noise. Color As far as the color is concerned, you can freely choose which design and which color you want. The curtain color does not affect or affect the curtain's ability to absorb noise.